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To me the power of light means so much more than the physical attributes it delivers. It’s the emotional connections it creates, which I believe consciously and subconsciously effects every single human being. Lighting also has a nostalgic quality which is personal to me, taking me back to those atmospheric moments and memories, distant and close, which have been ingrained within me and have made me the person I am today. I believe light is art and this continues to fuel my passion within the collaborative design industry we work within.


I’m fascinated by the connection between light and material. The ability to create something that speaks a universal language and transform a space through something intangible is a powerful tool. During university, I watched an interview of Daniel Libeskind likening architecture to music; ‘the building is the instrument and the architecture the music’. I think the same can be applied to lighting.


Through continuous serendipity I have found myself with a deep routed passion for all that is light and lighting; a life long journey. In that manner I’ve always considered myself an immaterial architect, it is as much for me about reflection, shimmer, reverberation and atmosphere of light as it is the physical source of light. I’m fascinated with all the fuzzy areas on the perimeter of lighting, from the artistic to the esoteric, the natural world and the phenomena of light, as well as the physical and technological futures that we have now, and the ones we can only dream of.